Faculty Math Early Alert

Math Early Alert

Early Alert system allows faculty to identify students who may benefit from Academic Coaching and PLUS (Peer Lead Undergraduate Study) Math Sessions. Faculty respond to surveys about student progress three times during each term. Smart Start Academic Coaches then contact identified students to get them the help they may need and/or refer them to PLUS sessions. Following are some of the reasons students may be referred to Smart Start Academic Coaches:

The following are considered alert reasons:

  • Class Attendance/Punctuality
  • Missing Assignments
  • Unsatisfactory Assignments
  • Class Participation
  • Not Prepared for Class
  • Low Test/Quiz Grades

Once identified by the instructors, Smart Start will contact these students about Academic Coaching and attendance in PLUS Math group sessions

EAB Faculty Guide

What do instructors need to do for Math Early Alert?

  1. Inform your students about Math Early Alert on the first day of class. There will be a blurb in the syllabus that is provided by your course coordinator regarding Math Early Alert. Please read it to your class.
  2. During each checkpoint, you will receive an email from EAB to identify your students of concern. The email will be sent by Maria Molina (Smart Start Coordinator) to your Cal State LA email address. Please be sure that your Cal State LA email address is active and is accessed regularly. A step-by-step guide on how to fill out the progress report is given below.
  3. Remind your class to respond to email from EAB/Smart Start if they receive one. 

 How to fill out EAB Progress Report

Below is a sample email that you will receive asking for student feedback. Towards the bottom of the email there is a link that you can click to enter your feedback. 

EAB email

This is a progress report form that you will see to enter student feedback. Caution: you must choose either Yes/No for every student in the list indicating whether he/she is a student of concern. Leaving a student unchecked will prevent your report to go through successfully.

EAB progress report

Make sure to click on the "submit," button after selecting your students. 

After submitting your feedback, you will see this confirmation page and receive a confirmation email.

EAB confirmation

Contact info

  • Smart Start for Student Success Coordinator and Academic Coaching: Maria Molina
    Office: Library North 1034
    Email: [email protected]
    Phone:​ (323)343-3184
  • Director of Smart Start for Student Success: Suzanne McEvoy
    Office: Library North 1034
    Email: [email protected]
    Phone: (323)343-3184