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Students walk in front of the mural on the Physical Education building. A men's basketball game. A women's basketball game. Cal State L.A. women's volleyball players jump to block an opponent's ball. Swimmers do laps in the University pool. President James M. Rosser laughs with students and the Eddie Eagle mascot. Max sits alone in locker room.

Physical Education

The Physical Education building has many of the services and offices used by student athletes, including the Eagles Nest Gym where the basketball and volleyball teams play, coaches' offices and training facilities. You'll also find the Athletic Academic Advisement office. Advisors there help organize your class schedule to make it work with practices and competitions, offer tutoring and other services to keep you academically eligible.

Being an athlete at Cal State L.A. is not just about what you do on the field - it's about what you do in the classroom. Excelling in your academics is just as important as doing well in games!