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Exterior shot of the Student Affairs building. Students in the Office of Outreach and Recruitment. Students at the financial aid office. A student gets help at the financial aid office. Lorraine and her family with President James M. Rosser.

Student Affairs

Walking through the hall here, you will probably recognize a number of faces because this is where you find the financial aid offices, counselors and many advisors, as well as the outreach staff who connect with local high schools.

Let's talk for a minute about two important programs and opportunities for freshmen. When applying, you should keep in mind the President's Scholars Program and the University's Honors College. Both programs create an opportunity for high-achieving high school students to attend college, study with some of the top professors in their fields, and meet their dreams. I am a President's Scholar, and I couldn't be happier with my decision to apply and become a part of this select group. As a President's Scholar, my student fees are covered, I have free admission to cultural and sporting events on campus, and I've been able to meet so many other amazing students and employees - all of which has played an important role in my success.