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Photo of students on the walkway near the University Library. People browse through books at a book sale. Students work on the library computers. Students study inside the library. An employee answers the phone at the library information desk. A student at the ITS help desk. A student gets help at the writing center. Students work together at the tutoring center.


Ok, it's a library. I am sure you have been to plenty, so you might be thinking: "What's so great about this one?" Well, let me tell you. Not only does the John F. Kennedy Memorial Library house more than a million books and films and have free computer labs and study rooms for students, but it's the hub of the University's academic support centers.

Need help penning that English essay? Visit the writing center. Struggling to understand chemistry concepts? Someone at the tutoring center can help. Or you can test your wits and preparedness, at the testing center, taking everything from the ACT and SAT for admissions purposes, to math and science placement exams. You can find all of these centers on the second floor of the Library's Palmer Wing.

Before you leave the library, please make sure you stop by the ITS help desk. The Information Technology Service desk is where you sign up for your student NIS computer account, which gives you password-protected access to the University's computers, e-mail, Wi-Fi access and tech support.