Petition Forms

Below are available petition forms for download.

Petition for Reversal of Tuition and fees

Students may petition for reversal of tuition and fees and return the petition to the Cashier’s Office in person, mail or fax.  Each case will be reviewed and a decision will be made based on individual circumstances.

Refund Petition Form

Tuition and fees refunds are processed automatically during the 5th-6th week of the term when a student follows the campus established procedures and deadline dates to drop courses or withdraw from the University each term.  A $5.00 administrative processing fee will be withheld from all refunds unless withdrawal is the result of campus regulation, class cancellation or compulsory military service.  For emergency or late refunds after the 6th week, please complete the Refund Petition form and submit to Disbursement Office, Student Services Building, Room #2380.

Payment Contract

Title IV Authorization Form

Student Financial's FERPA release form

The Title IV and FERPA release form will need to be submitted in person at Student Loan Services and Collections Office, Student Services Building, Room #2380. For questions, please contact (323) 343-5357.