Student Financial Services seeks innovative and more efficient methods of serving students and helping them with financial matters or issues. Student Financial Services encompasses four areas: Cashier’s Office; Disbursement Office; Student Loan Services and Collections; and Golden Eagle Service Center/One Card Office.

University Cashier’s Office

The Cashier’s Office collects and processes all form of student payments and posts all student charges, including those for tuition and fees, housing, extended education and miscellaneous payments.  Students can make payments online or at the Cashier’s Office and those payments are immediately posted, allowing students to immediately enroll in classes. The Cashier’s Office developed a process called E-Notice, which allows students with outstanding balances to pay online.  This eliminated the need to print and mail paper bills. In turn, postage, paper, and envelope expenses were reduced by 40 percent.

Disbursement Office

The Disbursement Office disburses weekly financial aid funds, 30-day loan checks, work study checks, nursing loans and other monies owed to students, allowing them to pay for tuition or books in a timely matter. With about 73 percent of students relying on some form of financial aid, the services of this office have a direct effect on student success.  The office implemented the Direct Deposit Module in SA PeopleSoft, enabling students to receive their funds faster.  Since this implementation, Direct Deposits have increased from 11 percent to 58 percent, and the numbers are continuing to rise.  The Disbursement Office issues about 12,000 checks a quarter, totaling more than $16 million. This is vital to the Strategic Initiative for Student Success because students can concentrate on their studies when they know their funds will be disbursed in a timely manner.

Student Loan Services & Collections

The Student Loan Services & Collections (SLS&C) Office helps students with payment arrangements, collection of outstanding debts owed to the University, and financial counseling.  The office arranges payment plans for tuition and fees, processes applications for the 30-Day Loan Program, and helps students with payment contracts on past due obligations. These services help students reduce the stress of balancing financial obligations with their academic workloads.  The office implemented the CMS 1098-T tax form module in PeopleSoft, allowing students to download the form online.  A new interface allows real-time payment posting for new installment payment plan payments, giving students the ability to enroll within minutes.

Golden Eagle One Card Office

The Golden Eagle One Card Office (GEOCO)  oversee the printing and copier services on campus and issue the Cal State L.A. One Card, the ID card for students, faculty and staff. The Cal State L.A. One Card card holders can add cash value called “Eagle Dollars” to their cards and use them to buy goods and services at the food court and book store.  GEOCO prints about 3,900 student ID cards each quarter.  The center manages the copier and printer fleet programs, averaging between 56,000 and 78,000 copies each quarter.  GEOCO upgraded its copier fleet program by hosting a “Reverse Auction,” in which vendors bid against one another to service the center’s new equipment. This will save the University about $700,000 over the next five years.