Semester Transition Advising

Be Informed

    Read Cal State L.A.’s pledge to students to know what’s expected of all parties.
    Obtain the latest infomation, answers, and tips at

Student FAQ

Plan ahead!

    Run a Campus Academic Advisement Report (CAAR), a.k.a. degree progress report, online to know where you stand.
    Verify your major or declare one if you haven’t already.
    Some majors require classes that must be in sequence (e.g., Chem 101, 102, 103); be mindful of starting and completing your required course sequence(s) before semester conversion begins.
    If you need to retake a quarter class, do so before semesters begin.
    Seek advisement!

Create and follow your IAP plan!

    With an advisor, create an Individualized Advisement Plan (IAP).
    Take the courses specified in your plan each quarter or semester.
    To stay on track, do not reduce the number of classes you take, change majors, or take a leave of absence.
    Graduate on schedule and according to the plan!

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Cal State L.A. will convert to a semester campus in fall of 2016. If you will graduate after the semester conversion you should plan carefully now to make the transition smoother and to graduate in a timely manner. In order to prepare for semester conversion, you should:

    VISIT the Semester Conversion website Many of your questions may be answered under the Frequently Asked Questions section.
    CHECK your GET account to make sure that your major program, minor (if applicable) and option (if applicable) are listed correctly.
        (To select or update your option: In GET select Self Service -> Academic Records -> Major Program Info and select/update your option).
    RUN a Campus Academic Advisement Report (CAAR) in the "Academic Requirements" section in GET.(View the video "How to Run a CAAR Report" which can be accessed at will help you determine which courses are still needed to complete your degree.
    GIVE priority to completing course sequences (ex. Chem. 101, 102, & 103). Delay starting course sequences that cannot be completed prior to Fall 2016 if possible.
    REPEAT courses, if necessary, before the quarter system ends. Some quarter courses will not have semester equivalents. As a result, you will not be able to retake these courses after semester conversion.
    TAKE advantage of summer course options to complete requirements.
    CONTACT your major department in order to determine the procedures for meeting with an academic advisor and submitting an Individualized Advisement Plan (IAP). (College Advisement Centers).