COVID-19 Employee Self-Certification Instructions

See below for instructions about how to verify your vaccination status through COVID-19 Employee Self-Certification. Refer to the president's July 29 message for more details about the self-certification process.

Instructions for COVID-19 Employee Self-Certification

  • Step 1: Log into the MyCalStateLA portal.
  • Step 2: Under the Admin & Finance section in the portal, click on HRM.

Screenshot of MyCalStateLA portal showing red box and arrow pointing to HRM button in quick launch

  • Step 3: Once in HRM, select Main Menu, then select Self Service, go to Personal Information, and select CSU COVID-19 Self-Certification. You can follow this path in the top dropdown menu or on the Self Service page.

Screenshot of path to CSU COVID-19 Self-Certification using the dropdown menu

Screenshot of how to navigate to the CSU COVID-19 Self-Certification from the Self Service page

  • Step 4: Read the information and instructions on the page and select the appropriate options.

Screenshot of COVID-19 Vaccination Self-Certification page showing the instructions and options to select from

  • For more information about terminology, click the hyperlinked words and a pop-up box will appear with details.

Screenshot of example of how to click on a hyperlink (approved vaccine) to get an explanation and definition in the self-certification system

  • Step 5: Click the Attach button to attach your proof of vaccination.

Screenshot of Attach button where you can upload your proof of vaccination

  • A pop-up will prompt you to select your file and then upload.

Screenshot of file attachment pop-up

  • Now you will see the name of the attached file and the options to view or delete.

Screenshot of what it looks like when you have uploaded your proof of vaccination before submitting

  • Step 6: Click Submit at the bottom of the page and you will be taken to a confirmation page with the message: “Thank you for submitting your COVID-19 Vaccine information. Click 'Finish' to return to the Homepage.”


If you have any questions about the process, please reach out to Human Resources Management by email at [email protected].