Primary Sources History 202A and 202B

Hist 202B Primary Sources

Mc Beth Sisters Missionary teachers to the Nez Percé 1833-1893


Emma Spaulding Bryant Letters 1873


L. L. Polk, President of the National Farmers' Alliance and Industrial Union 1890


Margaret Sanger, selected documents


Idea B. Wells-Barnett, “Lynch Law in America” 1900


Letters from the Mother Jones collection, 1902


Works of Franklin D. Roosevelt Oglethorpe University, May 22, 1932


The Virginia Civil Rights Movement Interviews


Hist 202A Primary Sources

Dred Scott Case Collection


Hannah Valentine and Lethe Jackson Slave Letters, 1837-1838


Vilet Lester Letter, 1857


Sermons of George Whitefield


Adventures of Daniel Boone


Boston Massacre


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