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Robin L. Dodds, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Special Education

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We are Proud to Present the HOLA Project!

Temporary imageHOLA is short for Helping Optimize Language Acquisition.

We want to help your child learn to talk!

This program is designed to improve social communication in toddlers, by giving parents the basic information and tools they need to teach their child.

HOLA online parent training modules are brief (about 30 minutes), and over the course of six weeks, parents and caregivers will learn about their child's unique needs, and be able to use evidence-based strategies to help their child's communication and social engagement.

If your child is between 16 and 36 months old, and is not using many words yet, you may be eligible to participate in a HOLA research study.

To hear more about this and other research opportunities, please provide us with your contact information on this FORM.



HOLA recruitment flyer

Recruitment flyer for HOLA

The HOLA Project is ready to start recruitment for the first phase of the study. Take a look at our flyer!


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