Q2S Ambassadors

The Mission

The Semester Conversion (Q2S) Ambassadors team was created to assist in the development and implementation of peer-to-peer communications. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Helping students be aware and prepared for semesters
  • Directing students to advising resources and services
  • Providing a safe and brave space for student engagement
  • Co-organizing events and promotional materials
  • Evaluating and emphasizing the importance of the Individualized Advisement Plan (IAP)


How Ambassadors evaluated their experiences: What do our students like most about being Ambassadors?

“Knowing I can help provide answers and information to new and lost students.”

“I get to meet new people and help others about the conversion.”

“Being able to help students who are under stress and don't understand what is happening.”

The Ambassadors

Temporary imageName: Alba Aron

Major: Business Administration
  Option: Human Resource Management

Minor: Finance

    To be part of an organization is very important for one's future. Specifically, being involved in Cal State L.A.'s Semester Conversion is a great opportunity and a wonderful experience for a student. I am humbled in that I assist current and prospective students make important decisions in regard to Q2S that will impact their educational goals.


Temporary imageName: Breanna Lewenthal

Major: Kinesiology
  Option: Exercise and Human Performance Science

Minor: Psychology

    I decided to become an ambassador in order to gain communications experience and to take advantage of the opportunity to become involved in helping students collaborate with faculty and staff in preparations for the conversion.


Temporary imageName: Claudia Martinez

Major: Business Administration
  Option: Human Resource Management

    I decided to become an ambassador because I want to help my fellow Cal State L.A. students with the conversion. I think awareness is important, so everyone can prepare. In addition, sometimes I believe it may be easier to talk "student to student", and I want to make everyone feel comfortable discussing the topic.


Temporary imageName: Kayla Thomas

Major: Communications
  Option: Rhetoric and Social Change

    As an active student on campus it is essential for me to ensure the success of my future and current cohorts. It is imperative that I continue to communicate how important it is for students to be properly informed about future decisions. We are embarking on a new journey as we switch to semesters, but the most effective way to ensure the journey runs smoothly is through guidance and information. This is where I use the art of communication to further inform students on our new transition.


Temporary imageName:  Naomi Martinez

Major: Art
  Option: Fashion and Textiles

Certificate:  Program in Marketing

    My comfort level with the Semester Conversion topic gave me the confidence to join the Student Ambassador team. I am currently a student assistant for Undergraduate Studies; therefore, I have had the opportunity to be extremely hands on for the work necessary for the transition. Thus, I wanted to join Q2S Ambassadors to help students become educated on the subject and most importantly to help them understand the pros, cons, and how they will prepare.


Temporary imageName: Janney Nguyen

Major: Business Administration
  Option: Kinesiology

    I decided to become an ambassador because I enjoy photography and other visual arts. Joining the Office of Semester Conversion Ambassador team allows me to take photos, shoot video, as well as the opportunity to interact with others through learning and teaching about our conversion to the semester system.