Éxito! Request for Proposals and Application

Call for Éxito! Faculty Fellow for Inclusive Teaching
Tenure-track faculty and lecturer faculty are invited to apply.
Deadline: Wednesday, May 24, 2023

With generous funding from the US Department of Education's Developing Hispanic Serving Institutions grant program, Cal State LA has launched Éxito! Building Student Support and Faculty Quality, a project designed to improve student success, retention, and graduation and to close equity gaps among students.

We are seeking a faculty fellow for the 2023-24 AY to be part of a team that collaborates and dreams together. Working with the DHSI project team and with one another, faculty fellows will develop an integrated vision and establish implementation processes that connect project priorities.
Questions? Contact Michelle Hawley

Éxito Faculty Fellow for Inclusive Teaching

Overview: This faculty fellow facilitates the Inclusive Teaching program. Developed by faculty at Cal State LA, this 15-week online program is hosted on Canvas and features seven modules, each dedicated to a specific inclusive topic including teaching identity, first-generation learners, students with disabilities, student veterans, difficult discussions, implicit bias, and faculty self-care. The faculty fellow recruits and facilitates one online cohort of up to 25 instructors each term to participate in this course. Priority will be given to instructors who participated in and completed the Inclusive Teaching program previously.

In Summer and Fall 2023, this faculty fellow will:

  • Work with CETL e-learning specialist and Inclusive Teaching contributor; Arcadia Le Vias Chukwudifu in June to be trained with the goal of facilitating a Fall 2023 cohort (5 full days of training).
  • Facilitate one section of the Inclusive Teaching program in Fall 2023 including: 
    • Monitor and give feedback for discussion forums and encourage participation.
    • Grading module deliverables on a weekly basis within 5-7 days from the assignment due dates.
      • Provide assignment feedback to comment on participant narratives, discuss solutions, and promote the implementation of inclusive teaching practices. 
      • Recommend additional articles or scholarship and available resources on and off campus when appropriate.
    • Facilitate one live (on-line) workshop in November.
    • Track participation to identify opportunities for motivation and outreach to help participants successfully earn the Inclusive Teaching Program Certification.
    • Provide reminders and support through weekly announcements.
    • Hold weekly office hours for faculty; provide one-on-one consultation to motivate and mentor participants throughout the course.
    • Meet bi-monthly with the CETL Director (C. Haras); meet bi-weekly with the Éxito faculty fellows' team; collaborate informally and as needed with other team members.

Deliverables for December 15, 2023

  • Report on facilitation that includes suggestions about how to strengthen community participation in the program and improve content and feedback to participants.
  • Consult with CETL staff to edit and revise materials.

The faculty fellow for inclusive teaching will receive up to $2,500 dollars total additional pay for summer; 3 units reimbursed time or up to $6,054.**

* Both tenure-track faculty and lecturer faculty are encouraged to apply for these fellowships. Because this is grant funded, tenure track faculty are eligible for assigned time and/or additional pay; lecturer faculty are eligible for additional pay or consultant pay only.
**Continuation of appointment from fall to spring is contingent upon successful completion or deliverables and continued alignment with project goals.  

Be an Éxito! Faculty Fellow

Complete the application and upload a short (2 page) CV.  Note this is an online application. You will need to login through MyCalStateLA to access this link. Once you login, it will prompt you to these prompts:

  1. Name and contact information
  2. Why are you interested in facilitating the Inclusive Teaching Program? If you participated in the program before, describe one or two key experiences that have impacted your teaching. (250 words)

  3. How would you ensure learners remain on task and successfully progresses through course content and assessments?  How would you keep faculty motivated?  Discuss one facilitation strategy you would use. 
  4.  Attach abbreviated Curriculum Vitae (2 pages max). On CV, please indicate any experience or training in facilitation or inclusive excellence.

For further questions, contact Cat Haras .

We welcome faculty fellows from all disciplines who have a strong understanding of best practices for teaching first generation and students of color, in particular Chicanx/Latinx, Asian-American, American Indian, and Black students. Cal State LA faculty who have taught in any of the Ethnic Studies departments, or who have taught courses focused on social justice and diversity are especially encouraged to apply.

  • Application that provides strong rationale for interest in this position;
  • Familiarity with CETL's resources for teaching and learning;
  • Completion of the Inclusive Teaching Program;
  • Experience or training in facilitation with an emphasis in inclusive excellence;
  • Experience working in community organizations, schools, or other place-based projects that serve first-generation students of color, preferably in Los Angeles;
  • Experience taking an asset-based approach to working with students and building on the cultural wealth of bilingual and bicultural communities;
  • Experience teaching social justice and/or ethnic studies; experience implementing culturally relevant and culturally responsive approaches in and out of the classroom;
  • Experience applying best-practices for teaching first-gen and Pell-eligible students;
  • Experience in course facilitation in online modalities, including consultation and curriculum redesign, implementation and assessment, and how to develop these in ways that are inclusive and participatory;
  • Facility with academic technology, including Canvas, the campus Learning Management Software (LMS)
  • Experience facilitating inclusive and culturally responsive conversations and in creating spaces that support discovery and learning;
  • High level of initiative and ability to work independently and in a team setting; time sensitivity