Application Criteria and Procedure

The applicants will be selected from the two target groups 1) LATTC transfer students, and 2) CSULA Freshmen based on academic merit (calculus ready), with consideration given to financial need and increasing participation of minorities, persons with disabilities, and underrepresented genders relative to specific teaching areas.

Incoming students have the options to

1. Apply directly to CSULA and choose Math BS option III (Integrated Teaching option) for major.

Apply online to CSULA through Cal State Apply 

2. Apply to LATTC and then transfer to CSULA after second year. You will need to go through usual CSULA application procedures and choose Math BS option III (Integrated Teaching option) when transfering to CSULA.

Apply online to LATTC


Eligible applicants in either category must have successfully completed three years of high school math AND pre-calculus, i.e., they must possess the prerequisite to begin college/university math work with the first calculus course in semester 1 (of year1). Applicants without pre-calculus credit might be admitted to the program if they completed the course in summer prior to first semester.

Selection process 

Each applicant will need to submit a separate application package to the respective math faculty leader (CSULA-Dr. Raychaudhuri or LATTC-Dr. Webster) that includes a teaching statement  and one recommendation letter from their HS math teacher as soon as they get admitted to CSULA.  Based on their submission, each applicant’s aptitude in mathematics, commitment to teaching and likelihood to fulfill the teaching commitment in a high school will be assessed. The PI and LATTC faculty site leader will then contact all applicants with an invitation letter to participate in SCOPE.

The selected applicants must meet with faculty advisors before the first semester to create a 4 year roadmap.