Mission Statement

The Language, Literacy, Rhetoric, and Writing Faculty Learning Community at California State University, Los Angeles

The Language, Literacy, Rhetoric, and Writing FLC is a multi-disciplinary faculty organization that supports academic inquiry and focuses on the literacy needs of our linguistically and culturally diverse community. The FLC seeks not only to engage university faculty, but also to partner with local schools and community organizations that serve Pre-K through adult language users in the East Los Angeles/San Gabriel Valley Service area.

We seek to support faculty, students, and community partners through a series of symposia on language, literacy, and writing. Our long-term goals include the creation of an official Language, Literacy, Rhetoric, and Writing Center that supports student and faculty research and provides students and faculty with the opportunity to share expertise and shape language policy on campus and to support similar efforts within local schools and community organizations.

We are proposing the following areas as potential inter-related areas of research:

1.     Academic Language and Literacy

a)     The development of instructional programs both within schools and community organizations designed to enhance the acquisition of academic language and academic literacy performance of linguistically and culturally diverse student populations enrolled in pre-K-20 and adult courses.

b)     Investigation of the academic language and literacy needs of linguistically and culturally diverse populations in pre-K through postsecondary and community settings.


2.     Language and Literacy Efforts in Languages other than English at all levels

a)     The learning of a second or third language at the middle, high school, and university level.

b)     The development of biliteracy skills in students in dual language programs.

c)      Exploration of biliteracy on leaners’ linguacultural awareness; that is, examining the language/culture connection and how this awareness impacts the acquisition of literacy and spoken language, as well as linguacultural identity formation.


3.     Heritage/Community Language Maintenance and Revitalization

a)     Efforts to support the maintenance, reversal of language shift, revitalization, and acquisition of heritage languages, languages of cultural significance, and endangered/’sleeping’ language via holistic ecological approaches addressing linguistic and cultural practices.

b)     Documentation of languages requiring further documentation.​


4.     Rhetoric and Writing

The Rhetoric and Writing topic area supports efforts to:

a)     Understand existing student writing needs (i.e. analytical, creative, professional) on the Cal State LA campus from an asset-based rather than deficit-based approach.

b)     Promote writing as a way of knowing, a rhetorical agent, and a form of artistic and cultural expression, and to develop instructional strategies that encourage students to use writing as a vehicle for exploration and empowerment, especially for underrepresented groups.

c)     Develop best practices across disciplines and communities for enabling students from a variety of linguistic and cultural backgrounds to successfully employ writing in academic, career, and personal contexts.