STEM Education Consortium


Hello and welcome to the STEM Education Consortium (STEMEC)! Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education First in the World program, our Consortium is a multi-institutional collaboration among Cal State LA, Pasadena City College, and West Los Angeles College for pooling our expertise and resources in STEM education to achieve the common goal of increasing undergraduate student success in STEM disciplines.


Our Consortium serves as a centralized information resource to address STEM major needs, supports faculty working to improve curriculum in first-year undergraduate STEM courses, and provides comprehensive advisement to help students meet academic and non-academic challenges in completing a STEM degree.

Our Consortium provides students with

  • STEM degree guidance and resources
  • Opportunities to pursue the interdisciplinary Natural Science degree at Cal State LA
  • Comprehensive advisement and connection to additional student support services on each campus

Our Consortium provides faculty with

  • Financial support for STEM curriculum development
  • Curriculum assessment guidance and resources
  • Financial and logistical support for faculty working groups

For additional information, please contact us via e-mail, phone, or stopping by in person. Thank you!

Natural Science Program

The Natural Science Program offers a flexible and Interdisciplinary major in which students study biology, chemistry, geoscience, physics, and astronomy at the lower division level and focus on a specific area of science in upper division coursework. The program allows students to explore various fields of science and pursue a program of study that aligns with their interests and career goals. Students choose one of three degree options and one emphasis area within their chosen option.

Because the Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Science provides broad training across several science disciplines, career opportunities for persons with the degree span a wide range. The rapid pace of scientific and technical advances makes a broad understanding of science valuable to careers in academia, business, government, law, medicine, nonprofit organizations (e.g., museums, private foundations), and other fields. The Bachelor of Science degree also serves as a solid foundation for additional training, such as a law degree, medical degree, or teaching credential, that is often required for more advanced career positions.

STEM Education Consortium locations and contact information

Cal State LA
5151 State University Drive
Biological Sciences (BIOS), Room 154
Los Angeles, CA 90032
Office Phone: (323) 343-5270
E-mail address:

Pasadena City College
1570 E. Colorado Boulevard
Science Village (SV), Room 25
Pasadena, CA 91106
Office Phone: (626) 585-7140
E-mail address:

West LA College
9000 Overland Avenue
Location: TBD
Culver City, CA 90230
Office Phone: TBD
E-mail address: