Purchasing Process Flow

1 Determine your need for goods, or services.
2Consider sustainability factors (recycle) and purchasing from internal suppliers first (Printing Center, Barnes and Noble, UAS Hospitality, OfficeMax, ESM Solutions (https://eprocurement.esmsolutions.com/)). 
3Use the procurement card if the item is unavailable from internal sources and meets purchasing criteria. 
4If the goods or services are not available from internal sources or are inappropriate for procurement card use, initiate a requisition for a purchase order through the PeopleSoft Financial System.
5 The purchasing department will receive your requisition and it will be assigned to a staff member once it has been approved. The order is not complete until it is in an approved status in the system. 
6The purchasing staff is responsible for ensuring university policy and procedure, federal, state and local laws and regulations are met.
7The request will be reviewed to determine the best course of action based on cost, funding and Cal State L.A. requirements. For complex or high-dollar buys, purchasing staff will contact the end user to discuss the transaction. Please note that budgetary quotes can be obtained by departments, however competitive bids are to be solicited by purchasing.
8 As a part of the negotiation process, purchasing will ensure that the best-value shipping option is chosen and included in the PO. 
9The supplier ships the item to Cal State L.A. Distribution Center and sends the invoice to Accounts Payable.
10Distribution Center delivers the item, if necessary the item may be tagged by Asset Management if it meets the $500.00 and above threshold; you verify the PO number and inspect the order to make sure it is complete, accurate.
11 Accounts Payable processes the supplier payment based upon the designated payment terms. 
12The Purchasing staff is available to assist following issuance of the order, receipt of the goods or services, or post-payment.