In keeping with its mission, the University provides equipment and furniture resources to members of the University Community. The equipment and furniture made available for student, faculty and staff use are the property of the California State University, Los Angeles and the State of California, and is provided for the completion of academic requirements, scholarship, and University business. Use of these resources is a privilege. Use of University equipment and furniture for activities other than academic purposes or University business is not permitted, and the University reserves the right to suspend the use of these resources for the following reasons:

  • Illegal activities
  • Abuse of resources which significantly reduces the ability of others to use these resources.

Adherence to these procedures will facilitate accurate record keeping related to the acquisition, control, and disposition of property. The combination of accurate accounting records and strong internal controls must be in place to protect against and detect the unauthorized use of the university's Capital and Non-Capital equipment.

Property Management is the department responsible for tagging, tracking, controlling, accounting, managing and disposing of campus property.  Property Management is responsible for the complete life cycle of an item from acquisition to disposition while adhering to state mandated policies, procedures, and Chancellor’s Office guidelines. This encompasses tangible and intangible items.