General Policies And Procedures


All contractual agreements which would bind California State University, Los Angeles must be reviewed by Procurement, Contract and Support Services. All proposed agreements and subsequent changes to agreements must be submitted to Procurement, Contract and Support Services for review and coordination of agreement approval.

Procurement of goods and/or services made by department personnel outside the authorized procurement methods (purchase requisition, procurement card, & office supply program) can be considered a personal obligation of the individual making the purchase and not an obligation of the University.

All requirements received by Purchasing are processed similarly. When received, each is reviewed for accuracy and completeness. Erroneous or incomplete orders are returned to the department for correction. The remainder are approved for purchase, assigned to a buyer, and finally, distributed to the supplier. Normally, this complete process requires no more than 96 hours without bids, and 16 days average if bids are required. Complex bids with specifications and/or plans require substantially longer. Current goal for all contracts (3) percent Disabled Veteran Business (DVBE) participation.


All contracts and procurements are issued in accordance with the CSU's General Provisions:

CSU General Provisions for Acquisition of Goods

CSU General Provisions for Service Acquisition

CSU General Provisions for Information Technology Acquisition

CSU General Provisions for Physical Plant Maintenance


The following are authorized methods of procurement of goods and services:

  • Petty Cash: Campus Personnel, once approval has been obtained from their department, can directly purchase goods not exceeding $50.00 (excluding tax) and be reimbursed by providing a Petty Cash Reimbursement Request Form and original receipts. Contact Cashiers office at 323-343-3630.
  • Procurement Card (PCard) Campus personnel can be authorized a limited delegation to purchase goods and services via the Procurement Card. Please review the program and instructions on establishing a Procurement Card account under the Procurement Card Program.
  • Direct Pay: Some payment transactions, due to the simplicity of their nature, can be processed in an expedited manner. Payment may be made directly to the supplier.
  • Purchase Order: All other requests for goods and services that do not fall within the three categories listed above must be handled via a purchase order. Departments must submit an on-line requisition to the Procurement, Contract and Support Services Department. Procurement, Contract and Support Services will process a purchase order to the vendor, which authorized the goods to be shipped or the services to be performed. Departments are not authorized to commit the University to goods or services under this method of procurement. Instructions for creating on-line requisitions are located at the Financial Systems web site.


Some items requiring approval are listed below along with the office that has authority to approve the items.

  • Printing (University Printing Center)
  • Copiers (Golden Eagle Service Center)
  • Vehicles (Purchasing Office)
  • Furniture (Purchasing Office)
  • Office Supplies (Office Max)


By law, all purchases of goods and services shall be governed by the laws of the State of California.


Contractor’s performance may be evaluated. If performance problems occur during the term of the contract, Contractors will be notified of the deficiency in writing and afforded an opportunity to "cure the breach" within a prescribed reasonable timeframe.

A contractor whose performance has been determined unsatisfactory may be temporarily disqualified from bidding on further contracts for a period of up to one year. No bidder, however, may be disqualified without written documentation from the end-user and formal notification by the Purchasing Department.



State contracts are available for commonly required commodities and services. State contracts are issued by the Department of General Services. Prices, terms, and conditions have been determined. Competitive bidding is not required for orders covered by state contracts. The state contract numbers should be noted on the departmental requisition.


The Department of General Services provides quarterly listings of current state contracts. Departments may contact the Purchasing department to find out if a state contract is available for the commodity/service required.

California Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS) is a contract that has been set up in order to purchase specific commodities without the need to obtain additional quotations or justifications. When obtaining a quote for a specific item, the supplier should be asked if they have a current CMAS contract. If they do, the requisition should reference the CMAS contract number.


A GSA (General Services Award) contract is a contract awarded by the Federal Government. Prices, terms and conditions have been determined. Orders, which have been awarded based upon a GSA contract, are not subject to competitive bidding. No fees are charged.


The California State University System has entered into and is expanding a series of contracts for commonly required commodities and services. These contracts are issued by the Chancellor's Office, or by individual campuses acting on behalf of the Trustees of the CSU, for use by all CSU entities.

See Current Bulletins of System wide Agreements


It is the University's practice to advertise on for goods, services and public works projects whenever possible.


All payments of undisputed invoices are made in accordance with the California State Prompt Payment Act, in arrears upon receipt of materials or satisfactory completion of services and receipt of an approved invoice. Unless otherwise directed, invoices shall be sent to Cal State Los Angeles Accounts payable

Cal State L.A.
Accounts Payable
5151 State University Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90032

Vendors should NOT send invoices to the department.