Pledge to Cal State LA Students

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In planning and implementing our conversion from quarters to semesters for Fall 2016, California State University,  Los  Angeles  is  committed  to  supporting  the  academic  progress  of  its  students  and ensuring the continued academic integrity of its degree programs.

Cal State LA Will Support Students’ Academic Progress

  • Full-time tuition (general and instructional fees) for the new two-semester academic year will cost no more than a three-quarter academic year

  • Students who began their academic programs under the requirements of the quarter system may choose to complete their requirements with semester course equivalents, or they may switch to the new semester program requirements in place after conversion.

  • The financial aid application process (i.e., FAFSA) and all applicable deadlines are expected to remain unchanged.  Students seeking financial aid assistance will be considered for all programs, and eligibility will be determined in accordance with published federal and state regulations.

  • Academic advisors will work with students to develop an Individualized Advisement Plan that maps out their academic requirements for a timely graduation.

  • Academic advisement centers and academic departments will continue to provide comprehensive academic advising based on accurate and up-to-date information.

  • Effective planning to ensure timely completion of university and degree program requirements will be particularly important throughout the transition from quarters to semesters and thereafter.  The university will provide timely and informative support to all students who began their academic career under quarters and will complete it under semesters.

Students Can Facilitate their Academic Progress by:

  • Meeting and consulting regularly with their academic advisors;

  • Following the advice given by their advisors and their Individualized Advisement Plan;

  • Persisting in the completion of their chosen major;

  • Maintaining a full-time course load;

  • Earning passing grades and meeting minimum grade requirements in courses;

  • Satisfying the graduation degree requirements specified in the University Catalog.