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Cal State L.A. Parent Academy
Connecting with Families and Community

Mission Statement

The mission of the California State University Los Angeles Parent Academy is to provide programs that assist parents and other family members of first year CSULA students:

  1. Understand what their son or daughter will experience as they transition from high school to college, and during their first year in college.
  2. Learn how they can support their son or daughter in becoming a successful college student.
  3. Learn how their son or daughter can optimize their college experience.
  4. Learn how they can help finance their son or daughter's college attendance.

Three programs will be offered during the 2013-14 school year.

2013-14 Programs

December 7, 2013
The fall program is designed to help parents gain a better understanding about the differences between high school and college and the transition that their sons or daughters will be experiencing during their first days, weeks and months in college. Parents will be provided information about what it takes to succeed in college and how they can support their son or daughter in developing or improving those attitudes, skills and practices. How to pay for college will also be a focus of the fall program as well how to make college success a family goal.

February 15, 2014
With the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) deadline for 2013-14 financial aid being March 2, 2014, the focus of the winter program will be on how to pay for college. Detailed information will be provided about how to complete the FAFSA including the most common errors in completing the application and reasons that student's financial aid is delayed or denied. The program will also provide information about financial aid available from the state, as well as information about scholarships, grants, loans and financial planning.

April 26, 2014
The largest number of students to leave college do so after the first year. This is why as the college year begins to wind down, it's time for parents to help their sons and daughters think about year two of college with excitement and enthusiasm. The spring program will provide parents with information about how to help their sons or daughters stay motivated and committed to completing college by seeing the connection of their school work to their career goals, getting involved in campus life, networking and finding a mentor.

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