Zoom Support

Using Zoom with Assistive Technology

We are providing this information to help facilitate Assistive technology users’ transition to using Zoom for Alternate Instruction. Screen readers do support using Zoom and can read many of the features/keystrokes necessary to use Zoom once you run and connect to a Zoom meeting. The ATLC team has put together the following document, Using Zoom with JAWS User Guide v1.0, to assist in this transition.

Download and Sign In

You can use the following link to download the Zoom software.

To sign in to Zoom, you must select the Sign In with SSO option.

If you are having difficulty installing, connecting, or using the Zoom app, you can use the phone number provided in the Zoom invitation to call into the Zoom meeting without having to use the app, however, this may limit your functionality in the meeting. Alternatively, you can also use both the Zoom app and a phone connection for the audio stream simultaneously.

Connect to Zoom by Dialing Phone Number

  1. On your phones dial the number provided in the Zoom invitation (669-900-6833)
  2. Dial-in the meeting ID which is located in the Zoom invitation or is found as the last portion of the Zoom URL
  3. Followed by the # symbol.
  4. It will prompt for a participant ID, but you can skip that by pressing the # symbol again

Note: You can call in and use the Zoom app simultaneously. The participant ID will synchronize the app with the phone call. 

Connect to Zoom by PC app Using JAWS

The Zoom application can be installed on Windows computers and smartphones. The rest of the page is intended for users of JAWS 2019 or later using the Firefox browser on a Windows computer. Please note most of these steps will work the same or very similar on most desktops or browsers.

JAWS and Zoom Training by Freedom Scientific

Freedom Scientific, the company that produces JAWS, has a training page for Zoom Learning. The company has committed to improving the JAWS experience with Zoom.

Installing Zoom Using Firefox on Your Personal Computer

  1. When the Zoom program is not installed to the computer, it will automatically install once you open a link for any Zoom meeting by pressing ENTER on the link
    1. You can also select, copy, and paste the Zoom meeting URL into any browser and press ENTER
    2. Alternative, you can use the following link to download the Zoom software, the URL is https://zoom.us/client/latest/ZoomInstaller.exe
  2. You should try to install the Zoom software before the actual start time of a scheduled Zoom meeting.
  3. After you have activated the link, it will prompt you to save the Zoom file.
  4. Make sure to press TAB to the Save File button because arrowing to the button doesn’t work, and press ENTER on the button.
  5. It will take you to a pop-out window, you can press TAB or UP or DOWN ARROWS to go to the “show all downloads button” and press ENTER.
  6. This will open up a File Explorer window and take you to the Zoom installation file that was previously saved
  7. Press ENTER on the file to run the install file
  8. You will be taken to a window that will ask you for a username for the Zoom meeting. You will be able to choose other options, such as to Join.
  9. Sometimes it will also ask you to input the Zoom meeting ID which you can just go ahead and select, copy, and paste the Zoom meeting URL sent to you by your instructor into the edit field
  10. After typing in your username, press TAB to navigate to the Join button and press SPACE BAR

Keystroke Recommendations

  • When navigating through Zoom it is recommended to TAB through the main options.
    1. Alternatively, we have listed all the shortcut keys on the last page of the Using Zoom with JAWS User Guide v1.0 if you do not want to TAB through options
  • There will be cases in which you will need to press UP or DOWN ARROWS through certain selections to navigate within drop-down lists.
  • Most option menus in Zoom can be activated by using SPACE BAR including drop-down lists, but you can press ENTER as well most of the time.
  • If the option is not a drop-down list, you can press TAB to navigate within a pop-out window
  • It may take some time to be able to distinguish or memorize whether options are pop-out windows or drop-down lists
  • The ATLC will be there to help along the way. We have One-on-one appointments that work similarly to going to the lab in person, where you can get help from students with training in Assistive Technology.