The Debate and Forensics CSULA club

The Debate and Forensics CSULA club


Geoffrey Brodak is the Director of the Lincoln-Douglas Program at the Beehive Forensics Institute as well as the Director of Forensics at California State University, Los Angeles. Professor Brodak is also active with Urban Debate Leagues in both the United States and Mexico. With over 15 years of experience, Geof is intimately familiar with nationally competitive forensics as a competitor and a coach: placing in the top 10 at Nationals 27 times with 8 National Titles. Geof is also a PhD student at the European Graduate School.



Erika Kennelley is currently earning her Master of Arts in Communication Studies at California State University Los Angeles. She has been a freelance writer and editorial contributor for local and national magazines and websites, but more recently worked in community relations for an environmental engineering firm. In 2009 and 2010, Ms. Kennelley was recognized by the City of Los Angeles for her contributions to the City's Department of Public Works High School Internship Program. Ms. Kennelley currently teaches public speaking at CSU Los Angeles, and looks forward to teaching more subjects within the communication field in the future.


It is in his involvement with the Speech and Debate that Grant Tovmasian was able to achieve success and capture the silver and bronze medals in California State Speech and Debate Tournament for Lincoln-Douglas individual debate and Parli team debate respectively. Through the help of the excellent coaching and support of GCC Speech and Debate Team, Grant and his partner James Heller were able to successfully compete in the National Speech and Debate competition, held in St. Charles, Illinois, and capture a third place medal.


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