Psi Chi Board


Faculty Advisors

Dr. Robert Kennison

Research Lab:  Silver Eagle Memory and Aging Lab

Dr. Kennison serves as the faculty advisor for the CSULA Chapter of Psi Chi. He provides guidance and assistance to members by serving as a mentor, and key figure in facilitating the board and chapters agenda.

Dr. Karen Wu
Assistant Professor

Dr. Wu is the faculty co-advisor for the CSULA Chapter of Psi Chi. She has been a Psi Chi member since she joined as an undergraduate in 2007. She runs the Culture and Relationships Lab which focuses on topics such as intergroup romantic relations and partner preferences across cultures. Although her formal training is in social and personality psychology, she has a variety of research interests and enjoys multidisciplinary research.

Psi Chi CSULA Board

Brittany Ayala

Brittany Ayala is completing a full term as President for our Psi Chi chapter as of Spring 2019. Within this term she has concentrated on providing even more resources and student-run workshops to psychology students pursuing either of these three fields within psychology: research, clinical psychology, and industry. Her main inspiration is to “provide for others what would have been beneficial for [herself],” as a first year and a first-generation minority college student. Aside from her passions within student mentorship, Brittany has been an undergraduate researcher at CSULA’s Learning Lab under Dr. ji Son for 3 years, focusing around issues related to cognition and development. Additionally, she is also a MORE MARC Psychology Fellow, an EOP student, a member of other honor societies, and a Brother of the ΑΦΩ National Service Fraternity. And on her free time she enjoys spending it with her pets, taking bike rides, or performing Tai Chi.

Elizabeth Dilworth
Vice President

Liz Dilworth is Vice President of our Chapter. She is dedicated to studying psychology and advocating for her Psi Chi club members. She has been an official Psi Chi member since March of 2018. She enjoys hiking, traveling, and eating out. She will be pursuing a career in the mental health profession of school psychology because of her passion for working with children and interest in our education systems.

Zaide Hernandez


Zaide Hernandez is a graduate student in the General Psychology program at California State University, Los Angeles. She has been an officer of Psi Chi for four years and is currently serving as secretary. Zaide is involved in Dr. Riggio’s Social Psychology lab and is currently working on her thesis. She plans to continue her education in a Ph.D. program. She enjoys being active and engages in different types of physical activities.

Kraig Saito

Kraig Saito is in his first year of the Masters in General Psychology program at CSULA.  He has served as Psi Chi’s treasurer for two years now, with two boards, and is assuring the financial security and growth of our chapter’s organization.  Kraig is also a fellow in the Minority Opportunities in REsearch program’s (MORE) RISE MS-to-PhD Fellowship program, and has participated in the research labs of Dr. Frenda, Dr. Wu, and Dr. Bamishigbin.  

Irene Hernandez
Membership Chair

Irene Hernandez is a graduate student studying psychology at California State University, Los Angeles. Irene has been involved with Psi Chi for four years and is currently the membership coordinator. She is also involved in the Health Psychology Lab where she focuses primarily on personality, sexual risk behaviors, and health disparities among HIV+ individuals. Irene plans to obtain a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and build a career as a clinician, a researcher, and a professor. Hercurrent hobbies include running, attending advance movie screenings, and learning to dance.

Emerald Aueyong
Program Coordinator

Emerald Aueyong is serving as Program Coordinator for the Psi Chi Chapter here at Cal State, Los Angeles. She was inducted Spring 2018 and ran for an officer position shortly after. As Program Coordinator, she assures that there are a sufficient number of fundraisers and bonding events for the semester. Emerald is graduating this upcoming May 2019 with a major in Communication Disorders and a minor in Psychology. Emerald is currently involved in Dr. Karen Wu’s Culture and Relationships Lab and wishes to continue her research post-graduation. Her hobbies include volleyball, running, Muai Thai, stargazing and skiing. If you have any questions, feel free to visit her during office hours.