The Research Experiences for Teachers (RET) program at California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA) named as STEER (Strengthen Teachers' Education in Engineering and Research) funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) is a five-week summer research experience for a group of fourteen middle school, high school, and community college mathematics and science teachers. These teachers are working collaboratively with faculty and student assistants at four research facilities: the Multimedia Animation Technology Incorporated in Engineering Systems (MATIES) laboratory; the Structures, Pointing and Control Engineering (SPACE) laboratory; the Digital Signal Processing (DSP) laboratory; and the Robotics and Automation laboratory. Research activities comprised of:


Animation and 3D Visualization of Space-Based Dynamic Systems (conducted at MATIES laboratory) 


Animation of Aircrafts (conducted at MATIES laboratory)


Development of an Interface Device and Control Algorithms for the SPACE Test bed (conducted at SPACE laboratory)


Digital Signal Processing (conducted at DSP laboratory)


Structural Health Monitoring (conducted at the Long Beach Public Safety Building)


Control of Robots (conducted at California State University Long Beach)

 In addition, tutorial workshops are offered to expose/train the participants to topics related to the engineering profession, ethics, proposal writing, technical report preparation, computer-based educational tools, and transfer engineering and technological innovations to high schools and community college classrooms.


The STEER program provides a wonderful opportunity for teachers to participate in active research projects in laboratory settings. The major goals of the program are: 

  1. Offer opportunities for fourteen teachers and community college faculty to experience research as practiced at research laboratories located on the CSULA and CSULB campuses.

  2. Train the participants on the use of software packages that can be utilized for the modeling and animation of large structures, such as space telescopes, aircrafts and robots. Increase the participants competency in topics related to the areas mentioned above and motivate them to revise the course curricula at their institutions based on the new emerging concepts, software and simulation tools

  3. Conduct interface seminars between the participants and the CSULA / CSULB professors to gain knowledge of transferring engineering and technological innovations to high school and community college classrooms.

  4. Increase the number of underrepresented minority students who will major in science and engineering.


Principal Investigators (PIs)


 Dr. Helen-Ryaciotaki Boussalis 

(STEER Program Director)

Dr. Jane Dong  Dr. Charles W. Liu Dr. Jeffrey Y. Beyon   Dr. Khosrow Rad Dr. Anastasios Chassiakos



Summer Program

Summer  2003 Pictures

Summer 2003


National Science Foundation National Instruments
California State University, Los Angeles California State University, Long Beach



Special thanks go to Dr. Leigh Abts of Johns Hopkins University for his guidance, support, and assistance. (Link)