STEER Summer Program

STEER Summer Program


Welcome to STEER program. In the first week of STEER program, some tutorial sessions are arranged to familiarize you with general computer technologies. In addition, you need to work during the working hours (as shown below) in the computer labs to learn general software packages, and to complete the assignments if any. If you have any questions, our student assistants and faculty Co-PIs are more than happy to assist you.


STEER Program working hours: , Monday -- Friday


The schedule for the tutorial sessions of week one is as follows:


STEER Program Orientation – Thursday, July 3


Tutorial Sessions in Week One (location: E&T A209)


Monday, July 7

  --11:30 AM                  Introduction to Windows Operating System

   -- 300 PM                     Presentation Skills


Tuesday, July 8

                  Web page design (I)

                        Web page design (II)


Wednesday, July 9

    11:00 AM – 12:00 PM         Ethics of Engineering

                       Technique writing and report preparation



Discussion Session in Week One


 Thursday, July 10                   

                  Collaborative learning session with CO-PIs