From : Alex Khoshafian

Workshop: NGST, Control, Mathematical derivations, SPACE test-bed, Neural networks


As part of the contribution to the STEER Program, some of the ideas that the control team students work on were presented. Some lectures were given about the idea of NGST, NASA requirements for the actual telescopes. That is the Scientific Objectives and Capabilities of NGST.  Also, general ideas about Control were presented. In addition, student assistance from SPACE lab presented some mathematical background for control and decentralization.


They gave the teachers a well understanding of the SPACE test-bed, the control teams objective in this project, the assigned tasks and achieved goals.


The practical and technical workshops included MATLAB and SIMULINK. Starting from very basic assignments, with time add different additional parts to the system. The ultimate project was to do a block diagram representation of the structure and the controller in SIMULINK, and try to design a simple PID controller for the shaping of the primary mirror.



Lecture Material

Workshop Material



NGST, Control,

Mathematical derivations, SPACE test-bed, Neural networks.

Using MATLAB and SIMULINK prepare series of continuous workshops to achieve a block diagram of our system.