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MATIES Laboratory





The MATIES (Multimedia Animation Technologies Incorporated in Engineering Systems) laboratory sponsored by NSF was established at CSULA in October 2002. The research activities conducted in this laboratory include modeling, control design, animation, and visualization of nonlinear dynamical systems.

Principal Investigator:

Dr. Helen-Ryaciotaki Boussalis


Dr. Charles Liu

Faculty Advisor:

Dr. Jane Dong


STEER Research Activities:

Activity 1: Animation and 3D Visualization of 

                  Space-Based Dynamic Systems

One of the research activities of the NSF-sponsored multimedia technologies laboratory is to use animation and 3-D visualization techniques to create a computer simulation environment where the dynamic behavior of a space telescope can be visually demonstrated. The Next Generation Space Telescope (NGST), which is based on a segmented reflector technology, is one of NASA’s future missions. The technology developed at the SPACE laboratory along with the 3-D visualization and animation capability, which essentially creates a virtual telescope, will be highly relevant to the NGST program. The virtual telescope can be used to evaluate technologies developed for shape control, pointing and tracking. The proposed program offers an excellent opportunity for the teachers and community college professors to learn about the dynamics and basic control methods of a space telescope. In addition, the participants are trained to use software packages such as Open GL, Visual C++, and the 3D Studio Max.  With the knowledge gained, the participants upon return to their campus can enrich the content in courses offered in the areas of physics, mathematics, and astronomy. 

Activity 2: Animation and 3-D Visualization of


Another research activity being carried out in the CSULA Multimedia Lab is the development of simulation software packages to model the complex dynamic behavior of flight vehicles.  In addition, animation and 3-D visualization techniques are developed allowing the creation of virtual aircraft structures. Teachers and community college faculty have the unique opportunity to learn about the dynamics of aircrafts, and get familiar with animation software packages such as 3D Studio Max, Open GL and Visual C++  which facilitate animation.  Experience earned in these areas has a great impact on the high school, as well as, community college mathematics and physics education.


OpenGL, 3D Max Studio, and Visual C++


Participating Teachers:  

Ms. Maria Jung, Dr. Majid Saghafi, Ms. Kimberly Davis, and Mr. Kingsford Kyei 


Student Assistants:  

Yeva Lomandyan, Luke Chen, Kelcie Quach, and

Vinit Sabharwal