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DSP Laboratory


Digital Signal Processing



The Digital Signal Processing (DSP) laboratory at CSULA offers balanced learning experience between theory and experiments. In this laboratory, undergraduate and graduate engineering students have the unique opportunity to receive training in the area of digital signal processing using a state-of-the-art software package known as LabVIEW.


Principal Investigator:  

Dr. Jeffrey Beyon


 STEER Research Activity:


Familiarization with Signal Processing Systems


Participants investigate on the overall concept of signal processing systems starting with analog signal conditioning, data acquisition, front-end  data processing, signal processing algorithms, and finally conversion of processed data to an analog signal, via hands-on experiments on each topic.  Hardware configuration as well as software integration is introduced to participants. The application of Digital Signal Processing to dynamical systems is demonstrated. Field trips to local industry are scheduled in order to enhance the real-world experience. State-of-the-art software packages such as LabVIEW and MATLAB are utilized to perform the design. Experience earned in this area has a great impact on the high school, as well as, community college mathematics and physics education.




LabVIEW Tutorial


Participating Teachers:  

Ms. Jennie Malonek and Ms. Kyla Ollie


Student Assistant:  

Catherine Alpas