Suggestions for Program Improvements

Suggestions for Program Improvements


There are not many things that I can think of that need to be improved.  There was flexibility with our time (as long as the eight hours per day was made up). It would be nice if the funds were processed more timely (both checks were received on the same day in the fifth week). It is understood that that was something that could not be controlled (paperwork was sitting on someone’s desk).


When I attended the conference at Loyola-Marymount and Dr. Dong described the program to me, I felt that this would be a great opportunity to learn new technologies that could be taken back to my students. After attending the orientation at CSULA and visiting the various labs, I knew that I wanted to work in the MATIES lab. It was difficult for me to see how the technologies in the SPACE and DSP labs could be utilized in my curriculum.


Some of the other teachers would have appreciated the opportunity to work in the MATIES lab. I understand that space is limited. My suggestion is that perhaps more teachers could have the opportunity to work in the lab of their first choice by rotating groups of teachers through. Would it be feasible to have two or more five-week programs during the summer or perhaps throughout the year (some of us are on year-round tracks)?


I came to the STEER program with some knowledge of the animation capabilities that might be possible (as a result of attending the conference at Loyola). This allowed me time to think of ways that my curriculum could be enhanced. I knew I wanted to attempt pouring water into a hollowed-out 3D figure.


After talking with some of my colleagues, it came to my attention that while I was allowed to come up with a project on my own (Dr. Dong did augment my project), others were assigned their projects. I appreciate having my project decided through collaboration rather than being told what to do. I do not know how my colleagues feel about this, these are my feelings.


Overall, I have had a pleasant experience. I have new contacts that are also friends (teachers, Co-Principal Investigators, and students, alike). This was a worthwhile endeavor. I truly hope that I have the chance to participate in the STEER Program in the future and that the program itself will continue for some time to come.