Proposed Future Projects

Proposed Future Projects


Working with 3D Studio Max 5.0 is quite exciting! Once the software was described and we had the tutorials, I became especially interested in discovering what program capabilities might be possible with 3D animation and modeling. This year, I will be teaching Algebra 1 and Geometry. One of the emphases at Fremont High, is to implement instruction such that different learning modalities are addressed. 3D Studio Max is hands-on as well as visual. Using 3D animation allows for more instructional time to be spent with the students instead of at the chalkboard.


When trying to determine the scope of my research project, I started thinking about my students and some of the basic skills they lack. I want my students to be exposed to mathematical topics they might not otherwise have the opportunity to. One of these is Spatial Relations. I have taken tests where a 3D image with a pattern is shown and my task was to determine the pattern on the hidden face.


With 3D Studio Max a geometric shape is easily accomplished, but can a pattern be impressed upon it? This is my first proposed project. To be able to achieve this, coupled with the programsÂ’ inherent rotational capabilities, would assist students in understanding how to come to the correct conclusion as well as allow them to check for correctness.


I am a former Real Estate Appraiser. Every year I assign “Project: Dream House”, where students design the floor plan of their dream house. Many students have difficulty visualizing the flow from room to room and submit plans with isolated rooms and dead-end hallways.


My second proposed project is to take the floor plan I use as the model and construct a 3D model that would allow movement through doorways to the various rooms. This would help students understand how to create their floor plans. The project itself can be expanded with students constructing 3D models of their 2D designs.


There has been discussion as to whether or not the STEER Program can possibly be continued. Some of us are interested in continuing to explore these cutting-edge technologies and discovering ways to incorporate them into our curricula. It would be great to continue the program and develop additional projects for our classes!