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Kenneth J. Hanson
Professor of Electronics Cerritos College

My name is Kenneth Hanson and I teach electronics at Cerritos College. My teaching experience spans over twenty five years. I have taught at the high school level, guest lectured at the university level and have spent over twenty years teaching at the community college level. I have been a licensed amateur radio operator for over forty years. My interest in radio catapulted me into this exciting field. As a Communications Technician, two of my six years in the military were spent on active duty in Japan where I expanded my knowledge and skills in the field of electronic communication. Throughout my educational career I have had the opportunity to gain additional skills and knowledge through employment in the private sector with twenty years of experience in application, design and manufacture engineering.

Education BA Industrial Education CSULA
Vocational Credential, UCLA
Graduate work, CSULA


Occupational 20 Years of Application, Design, and Manufacture EngineeringLicenses with United Geophysical Corp., Jet Propulsion Laboratories, National Wire & Cable Corp. and Belden Electronic Wire and Cable.

Licenses and Credentials

California Community College, California Standard Teaching and Standard Designated Subjects Teaching Credentials
Certificate in Industrial Controls Technology, California State University Fullerton (CSUF)

FCC 1st Class Radiotelephone, FCC Amateur Extra Class, and FAA Private Pilot, InstrumentRated Licenses.

Military United States Navy Communication Technician

Teaching Interests

Computer Applications Learned

· Visual Basic
· Evolution Robotics ER1 Interface
· Computer Aided Design – AutoCAD

Projects and Technical Papers

· Structural Health Monitoring of the Long Beach Public Safety Building
· Instructional Use of Autonomous Robots

Lecture Information

Attended workshops on:
· Writing Technical Reports
· WebFolio Development
· Presentation Techniques

Classroom Impact

Through my participation in the STEER program, I was able to work on a project that enabled me articulate with other teachers at both the high school and university level in solving a common problem requiring various talents. Our project was essentially to teach a robot new tricks. This task required gaining experience with new computer languages, programming with these languages and applying our skills to working with robotic technology. The problem solving and research techniques used to facilitate our robotic project were directly applicable to the needs of the students in my program. These techniques will be integrated into my classes as an outcome of these experiences.


I would like to thank the following people for their expertise in the areas of robotics, programming and for making this project possible:

Dr. Anastassios Chassiakos
Department Chair - Professor
Engineering Technology
California State University, Long Beach

Walter Martinez
Systems Analyst - Lecturer
Engineering Technology
California State University, Long Beach

Suggestions for Program Improvements

The one thing we needed the most was more time to be able to learn Visual Basic.

PowerPoint Presentation

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Final Report