My educational and teaching background.
Description of research project.
Skills I have learned in STEER.
Knowledge gained from STEER research.
Classroom application.
Suggestions/Wish List
Develop two block diagrams using SIMULINK to perform simulations on the SPACE test bed model
(1) Open loop system
(2) Closed loop system w/PID controller
Experiment with the PID controller to attain desired results
Write a program in MATLAB to graph the results of both simulations
Use of Power Point
Web Page Design
Creating a Web Folio
Use of MATLAB software
Use of SIMULINK software
Lessons on vectors and matrices will include how these data structures as used by CSULA students in the SPACE lab.
Work with our math teachers to ensure students appreciate the use of matrices in scientific research.
Include lessons describing how CSULA engineering students design a virtual control system and then translate this design into a C program that directly controls the SPACE lab test bed.
Assign students a year-end project where they present their results in a technical paper and a Power Point presentation.
Bring students to the CSULA Engineering and Technology Open House event to tour labs.
Long Range Goals
Convert the extra-curricular robotics program to an actual course.
Students will receive high school credit.
This course will be inquiry based.
Students will work in a much more structured environment.
Students will write technical papers and create Power Point presentations to document their progress.
Present teachers with a specific project at the beginning of the program.
Dr. Boussalis for making the SPACE lab a reality for CSULA students and STEER teachers.
Dr. Liu, Dr. Rad, Dr. Dong and Dr. Beyon for their help and patience.
All the STEER student assistants, in particular:
Alex Khoshafian
Sal Fallorina
Shannel Coleman
Yeva Lomandyan
Tabassum Ahmed
     for helping with my project