STEER Program Laboratory:  Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Laboratory

  1. What aspect of this summer research program was most enjoyable for you?
    Working with the other STEER teachers, learning and exchanging various teaching techniques.

  2. What subjects or topics did you most appreciate learning about in the program? 
    There were several laboratories to work in during the summer -  Digital Signal Processing, MATIES, and the SPACE Lab.  I was chosen to work in the DSP Lab and was able to expand my knowledge in Digital Signal Transmissions

  3. What are the main skills and experiences that you will take away from this program? 
    The main skills that I will take away from this program will be the LabVIEW 7.0 icon based programming skills, technical writing skills, and advanced techniques in Microsoft Office programs.

  4. If a colleague asked you about this STEER program, what would you tell them about:

  5. First and foremost I would tell them that if they ever have the opportunity to participate in a program such as the STEER program, take it.  The program allowed the teachers in the program a small taste of the world of engineering and technology.  We rarely have the opportunity to experience technological advancement on the ground level, which is done everyday in engineering research.

    1. How this program influenced you positively as a teacher?

    2. Through this program I have developed a skill that I can pass along to my students and provide them with an opportunity of see with their own eyes how the math and science in which they are learning, is being applied to real projects that they themselves can construct and build upon.

    3. How this program could be improved to meet teachers' needs? 
      I wish the cost of some of the software that we used during the summer could be smaller.  We, in the DSP Lab, were fortunate that the student version of the LabVIEW 7.0 does not cost nearly as much as the of the other laboratories' software.  I will be able to purchase a copy of the program for the class computer.

  6. Briefly describe your involvement in research and educational activities during the STEER program.
    During the first week of the program, all the STEER teachers had a week of training on Microsoft Office ( Word, Excel and PowerPoint), technical writing and on building a website.
  7.   The following four weeks we worked in our assigned laboratories and on our individual projects.

  8. Briefly describe you interaction with Cal State LA Co-PIs and your fellow STEER participants. Did you find opportunities for interaction to be sufficient?
    The STEER teachers were able to interact on a daily basis during our lunch hour.  We would meet for lunch near one of the laboratories or a diner and talk about our projects, experiences, issues and concerns.  Dr. Beyon was very hands-on.  Jennie and I met with him on daily basis, for he often gave us small assignments that we later learned help us to complete tasks for our final project.

Follow-up activities:

  1. Are you interested in planning a field trip for your classes to visit Cal State LA and the various laboratories?
    Yes. It will provide students with an opportunity to meet college student from diverse backgrounds, who are closer to their age group and the see the work that they have done themselves.

  2. Are you interested in arranging for the STEER Co-PIs to visit your classes?
    Yes. Our mentor, Dr. Beyon has already offered to visit our classrooms in the future.

  3. Are you interested in participating in the STEER program in future summer programs? I would love to have an opportunity to work and learn in the other laboratories and again take that knowledge back to that classroom.

  4. Overall, how would you rate your experience in the STEER program?
    Excellent.  I had a wonderful time working here at Cal State LA, with the Co-PI's, my fellow STEER Teachers (Jennie, Kimberly D, Kimberly S, Maria, Evelyn, Don,  Kingsford, and the Cerritos College Crew) and the graduate and undergraduate students that took time out to help whenever possible.