Computer Applications:

LabVIEW Notes & Assignments


July 14-15, 2003

·        Front Panel Design of an Equalizer for Final Project





Mute button

·        To find the terminal /control on a block diagram    àRT click on control/indicator àclick on Find Indicator

·        Color of Icon & wiring

Blue:                 integer

Orange:            floating number (3.14)

Fushia : cluster – wiring is thick and handle any type of data

Green :             Boolean

Yellow shape: lowest function in VI that do things like add, subtract,

White/Gray:      represent modules of sub VI that perform functions in

Icons                programs you already made

·        While Loops:    is a structure that repeats itself until the user stops or the test condition fails.

·        For Loops:        is a structure that repeats a certain number of times

Assignment #1

·        Using a While Loop & case structure, produce a program that will produce the following

If          X=10  output    Z=10

            X=20               Z=20

            X=30               Z=30

            X=40               Z=40

            Otherwise         Z=100

Assignment #2

·        Using program in #1, produce an indicator the will continue until the user presses a stop button. Add – When X = 30 program to display numbers from 0-30 with step in an indicator. (use While Loop inside a For Loop)



July 16, 2003

·        Digital Filters

§         Lowpass Filter (LPF): blocks frequencies beyond a certain level

§         Highpass Filter (HPF): blocks frequencies below  a certain level

§         Bandpass Filter (BPF):  blocks frequencies outside a certain range


§         Bandstop Filter (BSF): blocks frequencies inside a certain range 


July 21-25, 2003

             ·        Arrays:  is a data type that has one or more elements of the same type,

                  i.e. integer, floating decimal,  or Boolean.

·        Charts & Graphs: Charts display real-time data.  Graphs display data that is first saved then displayed.


Waveform Chart


Waveform Graph

3-D Waveform Graph


July 21-Aug2, 2003

Final Project          

              ·        Construct an equalizer with controls, indicators, knobs and a front panel that suit your classroom needs.