I would like to thank several people that have made this summer research program most enjoyable and in my opinion a success.


Dr. Helen Boussalis.  Dr. B, thank you given us all an opportunity to learn new skills to pass along to own students this summer.

Dr. Jeffrey Y. Beyon, our mentor in the DSP Lab.  If not for your hands-on approach in teaching the necessary LabVIEW programming skills to Jennie and I, it would have taken much longer than the five weeks of this program.  I would like to thank you  in advance for extending the invitation of a campus visit and you visiting our clssrooms. Thank you.

Co-PIs: Drs. Jane Dong, Charles Liu and Khosrow Rad.  Thank you for all you support in making this experience a success.

The STEER Program Teachers

Jennie Malonek, my partner in crime.  Thanks for all the laughs, especially when we struggled to make the equalizers work properly. 

Kimberly South, from the South. Thanks for the cookies and the stories of your after hours playtime with you know who.

Kimberly Davis, the Payday candy lady.  Always wanted to know, why do you twist the wrapper in a knot?  Anyway, with you and South in the same room, boredom is no where to be found. You both made lunchtime ever more enjoyable.

Maria Jung, your fortitude on issues close to your heart is admirable. Thank you speaking out when other could not.

Kingsford Kyei, the man with a killer smile.  We must remember not keep the cameras away from this would be model who could not decide on which picture he like best.

Don Wielenga, the resident Website guy.  Thanks for the website templates.  Could have finished without you.

To all the STEER program teachers, I hope to see you all again in the near future.  Everyone's cooperation made the summer worthwhile.

The Graduate and Undergraduate Student Assistants

Catherine Alpas, Wonder Woman.  Thank you for all your help, we could have finished without your help, even though you were learning LabVIEW with us.

To all of the student assistants, Amir Mirmirani, Yeva Lomandyan, Luke Chan, Kelcie Quach, Vinit Sabharwal, Tabassum Ahmed, Shannel Coleman, Alex Khoshafian, Salvador Fallorina, Bhawna Dua, thank you for your help and instruction in concepts that I thought I would never grasp, especially the building the website.