Maria Jung - PCC

Suggestions and Reflections

The STEER program was valuable for three reasons. First, the program gave me an opportunity to collect technology examples that are useful for my teaching. Second, the program put me in the position of a student which caused me to reflect about how best to teach adult learners. Third, the STEER program helped me create a valuable network of instructors from neighboring high schools, community colleges, and a state university. This network is an excellent resource for finding out about students and also for seeking further interdisciplinary and interschool opportunities for my students. For example, I have already discussed with two other participants the possibility of developing joint programs.

The highlight of the program was access to many experts in the science, engineering, and technology areas. What could be more strengthened is to target the program to experienced professional adult instructors who have different needs than typical students. Using multi-tiered, project-based learning can be a benefit in this regard.