Maria Jung - PCC

Classroom Impact

Implementing the Curriculum Revisions
The computer program, 3DS Loader, will be presented in introductory computer information systems (CIS) classes at Pasadena City College during the 2003-2004 academic year. This example will help the students understand how software applications are constructed and used. The participant is in the process of developing a new curriculum in an interactive media area and can incorporate the 3DS Loader example into the future curriculum. The summer research will have an impact on both these areas because the participant will be able to draw from a richer reservoir of experiences and examples for the students. The primary benefit will be the ability to expose students to new approaches and challenge their preconceptions about how software development takes place and what it is used for.

Student Outcomes
The greatest impact on students will be their understanding of how software development can be used in a variety of contexts. Students often have a narrow view about the Computer Science careers in which they think they will get a programming job in companies that develop consumer application software. In reality, the computer is simply a tool to process data and there are many opportunities in which programming can play a significant role even in jobs without a programming title. The research examples collected through the STEER program will make it clear that in the engineering and other areas, there can be various opportunities to create custom software to solve mathematically-based problems.