Project Abstract


Anyone who has every spent time in a classroom knows not all kids learn the same. “There is a constant flow of new information on how the human brain operates, how it differs in function between genders, how emotions impact on intellectual acuity, even on how genetics and environment each impact our childrens' cognitive abilities. While each area of study has its merits, Howard Gardner of Harvard University has identified different KINDS of intelligence we possess. This has particularly strong ramifications in the classroom, because if we can identify children's different strengths among these intelligences, we can accomodate different children more successfully according to their orientation to learning.” (2) An Academic Decathlon team must have all ranges of students and will have students with many different intelligence combinations. This paper will examine an effort to build a specialized equalizer that will allow these students to isolate and combine novel combinations of instruments from the required music allowing multiple intelligences to operate in the acquisition of musical content.

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