Data, Filters and Sine Waves

Green = Boolean data

Thick lines = controls

Thin line = indicators

Orange= decimal numbers

Blue =integers

Wire thickness = dimension of data



            Thick 2 or 3D array

Pink=cluster data can hold anything



Sine Waves

A11 = A10 x 10 x X11


Sine wave equation


Sin (wT +Ǿ)


Sin (2∏ fT+ Ǿ)

            F= frequency in HZ

            T =time in sec

            Ǿ = radians/sec

Time =iT

            i is the number of loops

            T is 1/fs


A x sin (2∏ fiT+ Ǿ)

Where i= 0,1,2,3Â…. N-1

                                    Which is the number of samples

Digital filters


                        h (system impulse response)

___­X_____ filter ______Y_____


Time     y[n]=x[n] * h[h]

Frequency    r(f)=X(f)H(f)



Band pass filter let only the frequencies between pass

Band stop let only the frequencies above and below pass

High pass lets everything above pass

Low pass lets everything below pass



High cut off frequencies are only used with band pass and band stop

High and low cut off frequencies are used with low cut off frequencies


Order refers to the polynomials in the equation of the filter

A higher order is cleaner but slower


Charts have memory and are for real time display

Graphs are for off line display

Charts use bundle input