NSF and CSULA who paid us and gave us the opportunity

The PIS who led us

    Dr. B Our Greek mom and the queen of control

    Dr. Rad The Pied Piper of paychecks

    Drs. Liu and Dong Masters of the URGENT e-mail

   Dr Beyon The King (of DSP) and I etc...etc...etc...

The students who answered our questions time and again

    Alex, How many girls are you dating? Khoshafian

    Amir, the ghost, Stay with the girl, Mirmirani

    Salvador, last of the true gentlemen, Fallorina

    Catherine, Wonder Woman, who does two for the price of 1, Alpas

    Ted, the photoman, Who makes us all look good,

    Yeva, won't you come study with me, Lomandyan

and all the rest Luke, Kelcie, Vinit, Tabassum, Shannel and Bhawna

The participants who bled, cried, yelled and laughed with us

    Kyla, show me the rings and I've got rules, Ollie my partner in crime

    Kimberly, chicken salad, Davis who makes any hairstyle look good

    Evelyn, milk does a body good, Torres for her consistent smile

    Kingsford, quietman, Kyei  Smile man, SMILE!

    Maria, swapmeet, Jung the fruit salad queen, who saved my links literally

    Majid, long sleeves and a tie, Saghafi for giving us dignity

    Don, blue bird, Wielenga Somebody has to be in the fast group

    Kimberly, chocolate cookies and intravenous COFFEE SOUTH - thanks for the chuckles "nuf said"

    The earthquake boys, Anthony, Mark and William Thanks for saving us the drive