Orientation and Applications

Orientation and Applications

Intro to the labs

Training in Word, Excel and PowerPoint


Engineering ethics











SPACE Lab (Structure Pointing and Control Engineering) A NASA Sponsored lab that will be working with TRW on the NGST (Next Generation Space Telescope)

MATIERS (Multimedia and Animation Technology in Engineering Systems) An NSF sponsored labs that is focusing on animation as a tool in assisting design and control specifically in aerodynamics and control of the NGST

DSP (Digital Signal Processing) Lab Introduction to the capture and manipulation of wave form data Partially supported by National Laboratories

CIVIL Structure Facility (Earthquake Lab CSULB) supported by FEMA












Training in Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Paste Special  allows you to remove formatting (stuff you copied from the web)

Track changes allows you to see the editing that has occurred

You can insert a TOC using headings


















HTML Notes

File/Save As/ ___________.htm

Use upper case for code and lower case for file names

1st line <HTML>   document   </HTML>

<HEAD> <TITLE>name of file or welcome </TITLE></HEAD>

<BODY>                                             </BODY>


0Â….9, AÂ….F double digits are use to code for red green and blue

precoded colors

aqua                 blue      fuchsia              gray      green    lime

maroon olive     purple               red       silver    teal

yellow              white    navy                 black





1 space = &NBSP

1 line = <BR>

fonts <FONT COLOR=”color” SIZE =+1  FACE=”name of font”> text </FONT>

searchable terms <META NAME=”___________________”>

bold <B>   </B>

headings  big     <H1>               </H1>

                        <H2>               </H2>

            med      <H3>               </H3>

                        <H4>               </H4>

                        <H5>               </H5>

            small     <H6>               </H6>

italics <I>  </I>

underlined <U> </U>

border  <BORDER=2>

alignment <CENTER>   </CENTER>

images <IMG SRC=”URL”> or <IMG SRC =”URL” BORDER=2>

links <A HREF=”URL”> name of site or picture </A>

targets or bookmarks TARGET            = _______blank  (opens new IE)

                                                            =________top opens top of pg

                                                            =________parent opens original IE


put targets in a HREF reference

e-mail <A HREF=mailto:[email protected] provider> name</A>

tables < TABLE WIDTH= ____% BORDER=3 CELLSPACING =3  BGCOLOR =#color”>

table headings<TH> heading</TH> defines columns


table rows <TR> table headings</TR> places columns in a row

table data <TD>     </TD> data should match the number of headings

bullets and list <UL>   </UL>

                        <LI>    </LI>

                        <OL>   </OL>

Reference for source codes  http://www.willcam.com/cmat/html/crossref.html







Notes on Ethics

What is a creed?

What is a canon?

What is a rule?

What is a statue?

Purpose of a code of ethics- to guide conduct and decision making


 Ethics hierarchy