Future Plans


  Future Plans  
bulletThere are five sections of the California Mathematics standards for Public Schools K12 namely:
bulletNumber Sense
bulletAlgebra and Function
bulletGeometry and Function
bulletStatistics, Probability and Data Analysis
bulletMathematical Reasoning

The project covers only the geometry and measurement, therefore it is my fervent will to design other software to cater for the other sections


bulletSecondly, to be able to incorporate audio features to make the program more like a video game which my students are very familiar with.  in this case, they experience with the software would be more like an everyday activity, only this time it increase their motivation and interest as a  result enhancing their performance .


bulletThirdly, to be able to make the program accessible on-line so that other students could use it as well and experience the joy of learning mathematical concepts at their own pace. This would demystify the notion that mathematics cannot be learned in an easy fashion, but the hard way.