My experiences with the STEER Program have made clear to me that the unique design, build, test and revise aspects of engineering are seldom, if ever, taught at the high school level. I am interested in integrating these aspects into the high school curriculum. I plan to have the following impacts on my classroom and school:

  1. Students will use the Graphic User Interface I developed to check their hypotheses comparing the different current flows in series and parallel circuits.
  2. Students will write technical papers following the protocols I learned in this program when they present research projects in my classroom.
  3. I will develop a computer programming course at my high school that will enable students to apply programming to solving engineering problems.
  4. Students will attend a field trip or open house to Cal State Los Angeles to view the work of their engineering programs.
  5. I will work with the math teachers to develop a unit that connects math and science to solve engineering-related problems.