M A T I E S - Activity 2

ACTIVITY 2: Animation and 3-D Visualization of Space-Based Dynamic Systems.

Animation and 3-D Visualization techniques available at the IMSC facilities are used to animate and visualize dynamic systems. One of the major objectives of the CIRE project is to use the animation and 3-D visualization techniques to create a computer simulation environment where the dynamic behavior of space telescope can be visually demonstrated.

The Next Generation Space Telescope (NGST), which is based on a segmented reflector technology is one of NASA's future missions. The technology developed at the SPACE laboratory along with the 3-D visualization and animation capability, which essentially creates a virtual telescope, will be highly relevant to the NGST program. The virtual telescope can be used to evaluate technologies developed for shape control, pointing, and tracking. In addition, the exposure to the ideas developed and computer software tools available will be very useful for future research and education that goes beyond the CIRE program.