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2011 Region 6:CSULA takes 2nd!  Date: 05/07/11
2011 Micromouse Demonstration by Peter Palacios

The Micromouse Teams by Year:


Micromouse CSULA Team members:
  1. Larry Martin Ballesteros Jr
  2. Louis Borden
  3. Jocelyn Towner Graf
  4. Ricardo Mancilla Davalos

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Micromouse CSULA Team members:
  1. Juan Ascencion
  2. Peter Palacios([email protected])
  3. Weiyao Xu([email protected])
  4. Mario Villalta
Photos: Weiyao's snapshots of the California
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Micromouse Competition! Enjoy!

Micromouse CSULA Team Members:
  1. Jamison Armstrong
  2. Evan Tsai (evtsa[email protected])
  3. Keith Walitvarangkoon ([email protected])
  4. Rama Mbacke ([email protected])
Photos: Micromouse pictures from 2010
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          A Word From the Webmaster:

       The purpose of this mini-website is to bring awareness to the ECST Students at Cal-State LA. To inform  students regarding the senior design project, the micromouse, and the micromouse competition held  annually at different regions in california. This mini-site will inform students about the micromouse,  answer any questions they may have, and encourage them to start a micromouse project of their own. This  site will have useful information such as, links, videos, pictures, and documents. One of our goals as the  IEEE Chapter at CSULA is to bring interest and motivation to the incoming ECST students with a  demonstation of the micromouse. We hope this site will encourage students to pursue careers in  engineering and technology.
               -Isaac Almaraz

Introducing the Mouse:

           The micromouse is a miniature, self-contained, and decision-making robot. The micromouse is    designed to move, stop, and think independently without any external devices or help from the creaters.    The main features of a micromouse is microcontrollers, motors, wall sensors, a chassis, and batteries.    The micromouse has a microcontroller as a brain, DC motors or stepper motors as legs, and wall sensors    as eyes (Xioco, 1999). The objective of the micromouse project is to design a robotic mouse that is able    to navigate in a maze, to reach the center in the fastest possible time.


      Rules for the Region 6 Micromouse Competition were adapted from the 1986 Official Rules for North   American Micromouse Contest. In this contest the contestant or team of contestants design and build small   self-contained robots (micro mice) to negotiate a maze, discover its topology, and find the shortest path in   the fastest possible time. Teams are limited to three to five people, and more than one robot from each   school may compete. However, each robotic mouse must be unique from the others. The cost of building   the micromouse should not exceed $500.00. For more detailed information, please click here.

Ready to Get Involved?

  1. IEEE CSULA Student Branch encourages rising undergraduates to get involved with robotics by getting the faculty-approved self-study kits by Parallax, Inc.:

    1. Board of Education robot(BOE-bot)
    2. Sumo robot kit(Sumo-bot)

    These kits are available for purchase at Frys(Burbank), and Rolling Robots(Glendale) and a limited-number will be loaned to students each quarter. (sponsored by ASI and IEEE Metro LA Section)

  2. Attend IEEE CSULA Student Branch meetings and look-out for Junior Robotics competitions and tutorials.
  3. Talk to an Board representative and ask how you can get involved.
  4. More information: /orgs/ieee/