Long V. Pham

Why do I want to become an IEEE officer?



Hello! My name is Long V. Pham. IÂ’m a senior in Electrical Engineer major and specialize on Control and Computer. I am also an IEEE member since 2000. IÂ’m interested to be an IEEE officer because I want to help IEEE organization and learn more about leadership.


            Being an IEEE officer I would like to make our organization more active and help others students in campus join in our team as same as our action such as: Project contest, the best student of the year, and the most active member of quarter… Beside that I would like to connect all of member together in some projects, researches, and tutoring team to learn more and how to use the knowledge that we have finish through course along with helping other member keep up in classes.


            After graduate we will work outside in team so leadership is one of the skill that I need to learn more beside the knowledge from courses. IEEE officer is a position that very great for all of us to practice leadership skill during the time we are still in school. Therefore, I would like to be one of them. To be honor, I don’t have any experience about leadership but I believe I can learn quickly because I have effort and my willing to try hard to learn, plus I’m an opened mind and friendly person. I’m willing to discuss with others members to find out the better way to lead the IEEE organization.


            Finally, I want to help IEEE organization grow up since I still around the campus and try to learn something new about leadership to gain more experience before my graduation. I have a message to all the IEEE members that you should try as same as I do now because the more we try the more we learn. Good luck to all of you!