Giovanny Ramirez

C. Giovanny Ramirez

Electrical Engineering Major

Currently a Junior

Seeking: Public Relations position




Served for the U.S. Navy for 4 ½ years and obtained an Associates of Science degree in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. After two years of working in the field of Air Conditioning, I began studying Electrical Engineering at Los Angeles City College and later transferred to CSLA to continue my education. I am currently on my fourth quarter at CSLA specializing in communications and electronics, maintaining a 3.85 G.P.A. I am a member of the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi and have been a member of IEEE for the past two quarters.





 The following strengths, experiences, and abilities show that I have the qualifications for the position of Public Relations Officer or any other opening that maybe available for IEEE at Cal State Los Angeles, so that I can contribute to our school Chapter.

·        I have been a Public Relations Officer for three years in the past for one of the most competitive Taxi Companies in Santa Monica City.

·         I was also a Steam Plant Supervisor for the F-18 and F-14 jetfighter aircraft launchings, during operation Desert Storm.

·         I have worked for JPL as a lead observer conducting night observations on various astronomy




To be an active member in IEEE so that I may help our society maintain its prestige. If I am elected to become an officer for IEEE, I will help to contribute with the knowledge, and experiences that I have with the current and or new board members. I will also help to establish a smoother running team oriented board, which will be accountable to our current and future members.