Exam Overview




The Test Overview 



The MCAT  is a standardized, multiple-choice, computer-based test that is a part of the medical school admissions process (M.D. & D.O.)



Four Sections of The MCAT:

  • Chemistry and Physics
  • Biology and Biochemistry
  • Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills
  • Psychology and Sociology


Chemistry and Physics:  Tests your ability to apply chemical and physical foundations to biological concepts. 

Biology and Biochemistry:  Tests your knowledge of biology and biochemistry and your ability to use their concepts with scientific inquiry and reasoning skills. 

Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills:  This section tests your reading skills with a wide range of passages that are followed by a series of questions. 

Psychology and Sociology:  This section tests your ability to apply your knowledge of psychology, sociology, and biological concepts.







Each section has a minimum score of 118 and a maximum score of 132. The scores from each section are combined to give the total score. The minimum total score is 472 and the maximum score is 528. 

It will take approximately one month from your test date to get your score back. When you register for a specific test date make sure to check the score release date that coincides.

If at the end of the test you feel that you would not like medical schools to see your score you may void your test. You will still receive the graded test, however, medical schools will not be able to see that you have taken the test. Once you have made the decision to void your test you are not able to reverse the decision.  

MCAT 2015 Section Breakdown & Scale 


AAMC MCAT 2017 Percentiles 




How to Sign Up

MCAT testing dates are from January to September. Registration for test dates in January through June normally open in October, while test dates in July-September normally open in February. On their website AAMC will release the date that registration will be open, however, the time that registration will start will only be released on Twitter the day of. THIS IS SOMETHING TO BE AWARE OF. The time of registration will change each year, this is important because spots to take the test are limited. If you wait to sign up you may have to travel to get a testing center or get an alternate test date. 

To register for the MCAT you must first register for the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). Once this is done you will be able to sign up for the MCAT as long as it is not a time when registration is closed. To sign up for AAMC and/or the MCAT please click the link below. 

Sign Up!


Rules and Tid Bits 

Do's and Don'ts 

  • The day of the test you may only access food, water or medication during your breaks. DO NOT handle your phone or study notes. These items are best left in your car or at home. 

  • DO NOT leave the testing center before you finish the test. 

  • The day of the test you will be given a storage locker where you can place your personal items such as food or wallet. 

  • You may NOT discuss specific questions that were on the MCAT. 

  • Bring a MCAT-accepted ID. There are a lot of rules for what qualifies as MCAT-accepted so make sure to visit the link at the end of this to read all the details. 

  • DO NOT talk to other students or be disruptive. Most likely you will be in your own cubical. This gives you privacy 

Test Room

  • You will be given a noteboard and marker for notes

  • Noise canceling headphones or foam earplugs will be available, depending on the location. 

For more details on the 2019 MCAT please click the link below 

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