Workforce Development for Chemistry and Biochemistry Majors

What is workforce development?

Workforce development is a type of economic development that focuses on enhancing our economic stability and prosperity by focusing on people rather than businesses.

It is a human-resource-centered strategy to uplifting a community economically. Thus, it shifts the focus from a problem-focused approach which addresses issues such as low-skilled workers or the need for more employees in a particular industry, to a holistic approach considering participants’ many barriers and the overall needs of the region.

Workforce development has historically occurred in two forms: place-based strategies that attempt to address the needs of people living in a particular neighborhood, and sector-based strategies that focus on matching workers’ skills to needs in an industry already present in the region.

Will there be a job in chemistry / biochemistry waiting for you upon graduation?

While you are at Cal State LA, the State of California is working to ensure that there are jobs available when you graduate. Several agencies work towards the goal of workforce development. These include:

California Workforce Development Board (CWDB)

Established by Executive Order in response to the mandate of the federal Workforce Investment Act (WIA) of 1998 (Public Law 105-220), the Board assists the Governor of California in setting and guiding policy in the area of workforce development. The development boards (there are approximately 46 of them) are made up of businesses and help operate America’s job centers.

Career One Stop


Tips for Job Searches

  1. Click on the agency logos featured in this website. Many of the agencies listed here also advertise Job Opportunities, Resources and host Events that may help you find a job. 
  2. Click here for a list of state agencies.
  3. Click here for a list of additional agencies. 
  4. Click here for a list of addtional national agencies.


LA County EDC