Shari Clemente at Cal State LA, HatchBeauty Brands, LLC

What happens when you’re interested in biochemistry, cannot stand the sight of blood, and also love cosmetics?  

You become an expert innovator in the beauty and personal care industry! Join us as we speak with Shari Clemente, Director of Product & Global Development, HatchBeauty Brands, LLC located in Los Angeles, CA.

As a biochemistry major in college, Miss Clemente learned about the cosmetic chemistry industry by reading a footnote on a journal article. Miss Clemente grew up in Tampa, FL, where she first started her career by working at Old 97 Cosmetic Manufacturing Company. Over the past 15+ years, she has created a successful career and is passionate about exposing students to careers in cosmetic chemistry. 



Nature Well

HatchBeauty Brands, LLC is a beauty-brand incubator, specializing in developing wellness ad beauty brands with its retail partners across multiple channels. Changing with the market, they have been able to turn influencers into entrepreneurs, by building influencer-backed beauty and fashion brands from the ground up. Their product development includes a formula library containing best-in-class body, skin, and color cosmetic formulas.

You can find the work of HatchBeauty in over 10 owned brands and over 20 retail partnerships to provide products such as Nuance Salma Hayek, launched in 2011 solid at CVS/pharmacy,  NatureWell, launched in 2015 direct-to-consumer & Sam’s club; found, launched in 2017, carried in 648 Walmart stores nationwide, and Orlando Pita Play, a collection of hair products that heal and invigorate hair used by top celebrities and launched in 2016.

HatchBeauty Expertise Includes:

  • Direct-to-consumer (d2c) disruptors
  • Product Knowledge and Innovation
  • Formula Library
  • Cross-Category Expertise that includes a portfolio that spans everything from nails to vitamins.
  • Broad international network of manufactures
  • End-to-End supply chain that includes research and development, packaging design, sourcing, inventory management, logistics, fulfillment, customer service and regulatory compliance.

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Shari Clemente 

Director of Product & Global Development 

HatchBeauty, LLC

Wednesday, October 28th, 2020 at 2 PM

An overview of the cosmetics industry including business aspects, the various types of companies, and how products are developed. This seminar will include the career trajectory of our speaker, the different aspects of the industry as well as tips for breaking into this industry with a chemistry or biochemistry degree / career opportunities for science majors. Lastly, information about the Society of Cosmetic Chemists will be provided. 

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Ms. Clemente is the Director of Product & Global Development at Hatchbeauty Brands.  Hatchbeauty Brands aims to accelerate innovation in the world of cosmetics, creating and nurturing new brands and leading transformational projects within the industry. Ms. Clemente works across all brands in the company portfolio to cultivate innovation, focusing heavily on the skincare category. She is responsible for driving speed to market, locating and creating state-of-the art packaging and formulas, and managing formula design, development, and execution.

Prior, Ms. Clemente served as a consultant specializing in Product Development/R&D to many companies. Ms. Clemente worked closely with the brand’s founders, spearheading R&D and managing the new product development process from concept to counter. Previously, she ventured into the world of Aerospace Technology for 3 years and was responsible for managing the Coating & Technology Lab as well as production floor. She worked with the company founders to lead the development of a proprietary coating process in collaboration with Northrup Gorman.

Ms. Clemente began her professional career as a Formulation Chemist I and Marketing Assistant at the only Private Label Cosmetic Manufacturing company in Tampa FL at the time, Old 97 Cosmetic Manufacturing Company. She was responsible for developing many projects from concept to creation for brands such as Aquage, Colgate, Gold Bond, Tammy Taylor Nail, and many Indy brands.  

Ms. Clemente graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biochemistry. She completed her Master’s Degree in Biochemistry at the University of South Florida and her Masters of Business Administration with Emphasis in Innovation & Entrepreneurship at the University of California Berkeley. Ms. Clemente also enjoyed the process of patent writing she holds a Patient US 10,149,805. Ms. Clemente has been an active member of the Society of Cosmetic Chemistry from the early stages of her career and has held numerous board positions in many states.